Caring & Evidence Based Doula Support

Parts and Labor offers doula support to assist families along their journey from pregnancy through to postnatal period. At Parts and Labor, we believe in providing evidence based care to all of our clients; with compassion and professionalism being the foundation of our services.
Our team of Doulas are fully trained, certified, and continually upgrading their education and certifications to make sure you and your family are always provided with the most advanced and knowledgeable care.

Supportive Services

    • Judgement free and compassionate support
    • We respect the needs and privacy of all our clients
    • Both group and one-on-one workshops
    • Continued support throughout the your family
    • Helpful and confidence building techniques for all
      family members
    • In-home support & training
    • Individualized services
    • Evidence based knowledge for informed decisions
    • Support offered through all stages of birth
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Benefits of Doula Support

Numerous studies have shown many benefits of having a doula as part of the birth team, including:

  A decrease in overall length of labor

  A decrease in overall length of labor

  A decrease in use of pain medication

  A decrease in requests for epidurals

  A decrease in admittance to special care

  A decrease in cesarean rates

A recent Cochrane Review also showed a significantly higher number of positive birthing outcomes when doulas were present.

Doula’s use a wide variety of time-honored and therapeutic techniques to encourage a healthy & positive birth experience for baby and family; it’s this combination of valuable practices that have been used for thousands of years with modern medical knowledge that make a doula such a valuable member of your transition into new (or renewed) parenthood.

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Thank you so much for all of your support and helping to bring our son into this world, Heather. Your knowledge and support meant so much to us.

Blaine & Laura

I was a little apprehensive having a doula, my boyfriend and I weren’t convinced it was really necessary but I’m SO GLAD we decided to!


I can’t say enough good things about Lisa, she answered all of our questions and took the time to make sure we were confident in becoming new parents, thanks so much. XOXO

Hailey & Nick