Classes & Workshops

We offer both group and one-on-one classes and workshops for expecting families. Our workshops are typically six sessions of two hours classes that cover a wide range of information and education for parents, partners, and siblings of baby. Our topics include:

  • Labor stages – how to know and what to expect
  • strategies & support during labor
  • pain management during labor & birth
  • understanding common medical terms & procedures
  • mommy aftercare – healing techniques to aid in recovery
  • breastfeeding/formula education
  • bathing and dressing baby
  • car seat installation and use
  • the first two weeks – everything you need to get yourself and baby settled
  • healthy sleep solutions for baby and family
  • baby care for partners – building skills and confidence in caring for baby
  • partner classes and support
  • safe sleep & SIDS – dispelling myths and proper education about baby’s sleep
  • As well as many other topics that may be requested or required on a case by case basis
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Direct Support

Prenatal Support

During pregnancy, there are a lot of changes and decisions; doula support provides guidance and care during this period helping you to not only navigate through the first step of your new family journey but also to help you establish your vision of what baby’s birth experience will be.
There are many options to determine before labor, and our caring and professional team will make sure that you are supported and well informed as your family makes these decisions.

Labor & Birth Support

Our doulas will be there to aid you in a compassionate and non-judgmental way as you experience the labor and birthing process. Our continued support during this time will be at your place of choosing (Medical facility, birthing center, or in home), making sure that you have both the physical and emotional support you need.

Postnatal Support

Postnatal support is a very important, and often overlooked, time during a family’s journey. First time parents have many questions and need for comfort and reassurance as they begin to understand their new role.
Expanding families benefit from the assistance and support of doula services during the readjustment period in their home.

Grief Support

Parts and Labor provides individualized, one-on-one doula grief services for families; assistance and emotional support during this time of bereavement is invaluable to families dealing with pregnancy loss. We offer counselling, attending appointments, arranging services, and helping you with the many important decisions that may be required.